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Panna: A green signal to your goodluck!

Panna: A green signal to your goodluck!

Benefits of Panna: A green signal to your goodluck!

The Panna gemstone or popularly called the ‘Emerald’ is a fine shiny green gemstone used excessively in modern and traditional jewellery. It is also called ‘Panchu’ in some places. In Vedic astrology, the panna gemstone holds an extreme importance as it is regarded as a very sacred gem. 

Panna stone has a long and illustrious history that may be traced back to ancient writings and manuscripts carrying astrological wisdom. The finest feature of an emerald gemstone is its ability to self-illuminate like the sun. The price of real emerald is substantially greater than the price of other gems because of its potential to bestow the favourable advantages of the planet Mercury upon its wearer if it is worn in the right way. 

Benefits of Panna Gemstone

Strengthening Mercury by wearing Panna stone can help increase the wearer's intellectual capacity and decision-making. As a result, this gem can be worn in order to attain business progress and beneficial outcomes but only after astrological consultation. You can get it at Wearing an emerald stone boosts the holder's brain's efficiency. As a result, people with poor memory benefit from wearing emerald. Mercury's efficiency is also critical to gain a good education. Thus, it is recommended for those in the field of education. People in the acting and film industries should also wear Panna.

Physically, Tonsils, joint pain, breathing and throat ailments are reversed by Panna.

Wearing this gemstone improves speaking skills and regulates emotions. Additionally, those who are constantly terrified of snakes seek calm when they wear emerald stone.

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