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Gomed- For a balanced temperament!

Gomed- For a balanced temperament!

Ward of the Negativity: Know the benefits of wearing a Gomed

Gomed, also known as Hessonite, is a honey-colored gemstone made of calcium aluminum silicate that has frequently been mentioned in Hindu scriptures. In some parts of India, it is also known as the Gomedhikam. The Vedic element 'Rahu' is said to be the ruler of this stone. The name Hessonite comes from the Greek word 'Hesson,' which means 'lesser” & is a species of the Garnet gemstone that has a lower hardness level. It is named after the malefic element 'Rahu,' also known as 'Dragon-head' in Western Astrology. Rahu is not a planet, however it still holds a very significant place in Indian astrological science as its position determines the occurrence of both positive and negative events in one’s life. 

Benefits of Gomed Gemstone

The astrological hessonite gemstone removes confusion and improves mental clarity, as well as a balanced temperament. It gives the user a sense of self-assurance, stability, and positive energy. It improves their social and economic standing.This stunning maroon-brown diamond bestows increased financial prosperity, a peaceful meditative state of mind, righteous life, bodily delights, and complete redemption upon the wearer. It promotes love and harmony in the wearer's life while also bringing perfect serenity and tremendous happiness to marital life.

Wearing a hessonite can help you heal or get diagnosed faster if you're suffering from disorders caused by Rahu that are difficult to treat or diagnose.

Gomed is extremely beneficial to persons who want to pursue a career in public speaking as it gives the wearer power to attract masses. 

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