Teen-Mukhi Rudraksha: The Powerhouse of the Tri-deva Shakti – Ram Ram Ji- A Journey Towards Healing Yourself
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Teen-Mukhi Rudraksha: The Powerhouse of the Tri-deva Shakti

Teen-Mukhi Rudraksha: The Powerhouse of the Tri-deva Shakti

Teen-Mukhi Rudraksha: The Powerhouse of the Tri-deva Shakti  

Three or Teen Mukhi Rudraksha is a very fortunate bead amongst the other variety of the family, that has long been used as a prayer bead in Hinduism, especially Shaivism. When completely developed, three Mukhi Rudraksha seeds are protected by a blue outer shell, earning them the nickname ‘blueberry beads’. Teen-Mukhi Rudraksha is a unified form of three different sorts of Agni (fire), as well as the emblem of Three or Tri-Deva, i.e. Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesha (Shiva). Just imagine how powerful this Rudraksha can be! 

What does the wearer of Teen-Mukhi Rudraksha experience?

With Mars as the ruling planet, the Teen-Mukhi Rudraksha brings forth a warm existence that is replete with the blessings of three Deva's abilities. The wearer experiences the flame of passion and power like that of a burning fire. The optimum effect is obtained by wearing Three Mukhi Rudraksha with correct astrological procedure. It is thought that misdeeds from previous lives are effectively burned by this rudraksha. As a result, the wearer is free of the burden of previous Karmas. The effects of the Teen-Mukhi Rudraksha are manifested in a short period, and the wearer will feel its impact by achieving success in his endeavours. Physically, The Teen-Mukhi Rudraksha is also recommended for its medical properties, such as lowering blood pressure and controlling diabetes. The use of teen-mukhi rudraksha is also very efficient against different diseases such as stomach disorders, cancer, skin diseases, cholera, fever, eye defect, ulcer, cold, blood infection, body swellings, and many more.

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