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Pooja Ghanti,Brass bell

Pooja Ghanti,Brass bell

Why must your temple at home have a Pooja Ghanti?

Every Hindu ritual and custom has a profound significance. The articles and objects utilised in the puja ceremony are crucial in the healing of the body, mind, and soul. You must have heard the bell ringing during your visits to temples and puja ceremonies. Have you ever wondered why during puja ceremonies the bell is rung?

Bells, also called as Ghanta or Ghanti in Sanskrit, play an important role in Hindu pujas. We commonly ring the bell as a gesture to invoke the Gods and Goddesses before worshipping the deities at temples or commencing a puja ritual at home. The divine sound 'OM' is produced when the bell is rung, which creates positive frequencies and vibrations throughout the space.

Gods and Goddesses are thought to have their spiritual seat in the bell. Because it is thought to be the incarnation of all Gods and musical instruments, it should be performed. The Ganesh hanging bell and the Garud bell are two examples of exquisite bells that differ in form and shape. Nandi is a type of bell. Clamp bells (for bhajans or jagrata), Tibetan Om bells, and other similar instruments are popular.

The bell's body represents infinity, which in Sanskrit is Ananta, while the ghanti's tongue depicts Goddess Saraswati. The bell's handle is said to represent Hanuman, Garuda, Nandi, or Chakra, as well as the vital life energy known as Prana Shakti.

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