Moti (White Pearl): Astrologically beneficial or just a jewellery? – Ram Ram Ji- A Journey Towards Healing Yourself
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Moti (White Pearl): Astrologically beneficial or just a jewellery?

Moti (White Pearl): Astrologically beneficial or just a jewellery?

  Moti (White Pearl): Astrologically beneficial or just a jewellery?

Pearl is an organic gemstone that is frequently advised by astrologers for a variety of life issues. 

A natural white moti is known as the "Queen of Stones" because of its importance and prominence in the gem industry. Because of its soothing and calming impact, this jyotish ratna is a great choice. In Hindi, the lovely round stone is referred to as Moti, and it is associated with the Moon, for which a pearl provides a person's mental and physical well-being. 

The white coloured stone, which is produced by sea creatures and worn in silver metal, is ideal for people who get irritated easily and lose their temper. High-quality pearls are regarded as a fantastic choice for jewellery.

Benefits of Moti

Pearl manifests sheer good luck. It also counteracts the negative effects of many planets on the wearer. It gives the mind power and calmness by reducing the moon's negative effects, offering emotional equilibrium to a stressed person's life. 

It is beneficial in treating blood pressure and bladder problems, as well as balancing and maintaining our physiological fluids. Insomnia, mental disorders, TB, constipation, and cardiac problems are among the other medical benefits. It can also be used to enhance a person's facial attractiveness and bodily beauty. 

People with terrible tempers and rage disorders should wear pearls since it has a calming effect. It also aids in the treatment of depression and mental problems, improves memory, and boosts a person's IQ.

People working as counsellors, public presenters, and psychologists, for example, may benefit from it.

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