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Get Moonga for vigour, strength, and ambition

Get Moonga for vigour, strength, and ambition

Benefits of Moonga: Why you must not delay, if suggested

Unlike other mineral-based gemstones, Moonga(coral) is an organic gemstone that is created by living organisms. It has been in use for thousands of years because it is an ancient gemstone & has prominent mentions of astrology texts.

However, you make it wearable, extreme treatment with focused polish is done to bring out the super-smooth vitreous spark and waxy glass-sheen in coral that is initially found in a naturally dull consistency. It's popular for both ornamental and astrological uses because it comes in a variety of stunning colours. Coral is a delicate and brittle gemstone, thus it is unsuitable for long-term use. Cora (Moonga) is extremely vulnerable to chipping and scratches, thus it must be handled with extreme caution. 

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Benefits of Moonga gemstone

Moonga is claimed to be ruled by the planet Mars, also known as Mangal Grah. This planet of energy and ambition instils positivity in the stone or the wearer, enabling them to defeat their foes. Wearing a moonga denotes vigour, strength, and ambition. 

The auspicious stone is also considered to aid in the removal or reduction of the manglik dosh from a person's horoscope. It improves interpersonal connections by reducing temperamental issues and rage issues. The wearer experiences stronger relationships. Moonga is also helpful for people who are facing obstacles in their career or financial growth. 

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