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Manik (Ruby)

Manik (Ruby)

Not just a jewellery: Know the Benefits of Manik (Ruby)

The precious stone Ruby is a naturally occurring gemstone with a deep, blood red colour that gives it a remarkable appearance. It is also known as Manik gemstone and is a kind of aluminium oxide. Ruby or Manik is considered to be one of the most valuable and the most sought-after gemstones in the market today. The price of this gemstone is decided initially by the shade of red, cut, and clarity. You can mostly find it to be the part of expensive wedding and casual jewellery because of its delicateness and richness. You can know if you can wear a manik by getting your Kundali inspected by a good astrologer. You can also get an online consultation at 

Benefits of Manik Gemstone

Manik gemstone is awarded by the title of 'THE KING OF THE GEMS' because of its attribution to the Sun. It  energises the subconscious mind and increases the wearer's nobility. Ruby stone is the owner of our body's Navel or Manipura Chakra, according to Indian Vedic astrological science. Ruby activates this chakra, which clears your mind of despair and self-doubt-inducing thoughts.

Original and untreated Manik stone is highly good for people lacking emotional intelligence, in addition to curing physical problems. You will gain increased clarity of mind and improved mental strength after wearing a Natura Manik gemstone Ring. It can immensely help to improve your paternal relationship. Not just that, a manik stone can help ward off evil eyes and bring good luck in the life of the wearer.  

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