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Dus Mahavidya Kawach

Dus Mahavidya Kawach

Dus Mahavidya Kawach: The ultimate protection with the blessing of Kali 

If you are new to this term, let us tell you that ‘Dus Mahavidya’ is the collective name for ten different forms of Goddess Kali. Worshiping Dus Mahavidya is known to help people overcome their negative tendencies. It can also be used to achieve one's wishes, such as gaining victory in court disputes, accumulating wealth, curing any sickness, defeating rivals, removing poverty, bringing luck and money, and protecting oneself from black magic. Worshiping these mahavidyas also protects one from negative planetary influences. The MahaVidya consists of the following forms:

  1. KALI- This "Time Devourer" is revered as the essence of Brahman and the Supreme Self. In Kalikula traditions, Kali is revered as the Supreme Deity.
  2. TARA (also known as Neel Saraswati) - the Goddess is revered as a guide, defender, and saviour who bestows ultimate knowledge that leads to salvation.
  3. LALITA TRIPURA SUNDARI - Also known as ‘Shodashi,’ ‘The Tantric Parvati’ or the ‘Moksha Mukta’. She is the one who is in charge of the family's finances & is the "most beautiful in the three worlds" (Supreme Deity Srikula systems).
  4. BHUVANESHWARI - Goddess of the World, or Whose body is the cosmos.
  5. BHAIRAVI: The powerful warrior Goddess.
  6. CHINAMMASTIKA- The Goddess who has decapitated herself and is holding her neck in her palm.
  7. DHUMAVATI-The Goddess of Death or the Widow Goddess.
  8. BAGALAMUKHI: The goddess that causes paralysis to enemies.
  9. MATANGI: The Prime Minister of the Srikula System. She is also known as the ‘Tantrik Saraswati’
  10. KAMALA: The ‘Tantrik Lakshmi’ or the Lotus Goddess.   

What is Dus Mahavidya Kawach?

The most heavenly and powerful Kavach amongst the devotees of Shakti is Dus Mahavidhya Kavach, which aids the worshipper in meeting his or her necessities, spiritual upliftment, and wisdom. Worshipping the supreme Devi-Shakti is referred to as ‘Vidya’ in the Tantra realm. As ten cosmic personas, the heavenly mother is revered in this Kawach. Mahavidya means tremendous knowledge, and Dus means ten. Worshippers who wear this Kavach will receive a good education and will be able to teach others. They shall be blessed with enlightenment, nirvana, comprehension. The practitioner shall also receive various health benefits from successful sadhana of Dus Maha Vidya Kawach. Dus Mahavidya is a manifestation of Goddess Shakti who encompasses all aspects of womanhood. Thus, it's exceptionally beneficial for women devotees. 

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