DO-MUKHI RUDRAKSHA: Invoke the blessings of Lord Ardhnarshwara – Ram Ram Ji- A Journey Towards Healing Yourself
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DO-MUKHI RUDRAKSHA: Invoke the blessings of Lord Ardhnarshwara

DO-MUKHI RUDRAKSHA: Invoke the blessings of Lord Ardhnarshwara

There is nothing more spiritually astounding than the fusion of Shiva and Shakti in one! The Do-Mukhi Rudraksha represents Lord ‘Ardhnareshwar’. For those coming across this term for the first time, in the Skanda Purana, Devi Parvati asks Lord Shiva for permission to live "limb-to-limb" with him so she can experience what he does. Shiva, for the love of his wife, sacrifices half of himself  to accommodate his consort for an equal unification. This is how the form of ardh(half), nar(man) ishwar(god) or Ardhanarishvara is created. The Do-mukhi rudraksha has two clefts on it representing both, Shiva and Shakti. Thus, making it one of the most special spiritual accessories in the Hindu religion. 

What does the wearer of Do-Mukhi rudraksha experience?

Since this kind of rudraksha houses both female and male energy, it is extremely beneficial for people experiencing problems in their married life. The Do-Mukhi Rudraksha wearer experiences emotional stability, an increase in creativity along with physically strengthened muscles. Do-Mukhi Rudraksha has also been recognised to cure problems pertaining to sexual health and has been known to eliminates infidelity. Infact, astrologers greatly recommend this rudraksha for couples planning a family. Astrologically, this rudraksha has been directly ruled by the Moon. It promotes decision-making ability and provides great relief from stress and agony sourced from day-to-day events. Thus, it's favourable to people experiencing the negative effects of the Moon as per their birth-chart. Post-energising the rudraksha, it’s best to wear do-Mukhi Rudraksha on a Monday. 

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