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Baglamukhi Yantra - It's usage and benefits

Baglamukhi Yantra - It's usage and benefits

Baglamukhi Yantra: The only way that can fulfill all your wishes

The Baglamura sacred instrument is a figure or symbol made up of simple geometric forms placed in a symmetric arrangement that resonates with Goddess Baglamukhi's powers and positive frequencies. This mystical diagram has the ability to attract Goddess Baglamukhi's principles. This strong Yantra resonates with the Goddess's beneficial energies and bestows success, wealth, and optimism upon the worshipper. This Yantra was originally drawn on a piece of Bhojpatra using Haldi or Dhatura flower juice and worshipped to achieve success. Currently, the Yantra is carved on copper and silver-gold plates. Baglamukhi Yantra is particularly efficient for warding off the negative influences of souls and Yakshani, as well as for gambling success. 

What are the benefits of Bagla Mukhi Yantra?

Install the Baglamukhi Yantra at your home, office, or even wear it as a pendant to protect oneself from evil eyes and harmful energy. Maha Baglamukhi Yantras are utilised to gain power and dominion over adversaries. Baglamukhi Yantra is an extremely efficient and useful Yantra for achieving success in disputes, lawsuits and competing in contests. The ruling deity of this strong yantra is Goddess Baglamukhi, who suffuses it with positive occult forces. Worship of this Yantra is done by wearing a yellow dress, sitting in a yellow asana, and wearing yellow flowers and beads during a specific star and time when the planet Mars/Mangal is at its most powerful.

Mandates for keeping BaglaMukhi Yantra

  • You can put it in the East direction with the yantra facing towards the West, on your Puja altar by wrapping it in a red cloth.
  • You can also carry it with you at all times in your wallet or a clean section of your bag.
  • You have the option of keeping it with or without a frame.
  • Ritual worship is optional and up to you, depending on your spiritual discipline.
  • Many people have experienced its power by meditating on the Yantra's tip.
  • Praise it by gazing at it and praying to it.
  • Chant the engraved mantra within the yantra to manifest your requests.
  • Close your eyes and focus on the deity, who will grant you wishes. Now, sincerely ask Goddess to grant all of your wishes.

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