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DO-MUKHI RUDRAKSHA: Invoke the blessings of Lord Ardhnarshwara

DO-MUKHI RUDRAKSHA: Invoke the blessings of Lord Ardhnarshwara

There is nothing more spiritually astounding than the fusion of Shiva and Shakti in one! The Do-Mukhi Rudraksha represents Lord ‘Ardhnareshwar’. For those coming across this term for the first time, in the Skanda Purana, Devi Parvati asks Lord Shiva for permission to live "limb-to-limb" with him so she can experience what he does.

Shiva, for the love of his wife, sacrifices half of himself to accommodate his consort for an equal unification. This is how the form of ardh(half), nar(man) ishwar(god) or Ardhanarishvara is created. The Do-mukhi rudraksha has two clefts on it representing both, Shiva and Shakti. Thus, making it one of the most special spiritual accessories in the Hindu religion.

What Is Do Mukhi Rudraksha?

A Do Mukhi Rudraksha is also known as two-faced Rudraksha and it is a type of Rudraksha that has two faces Or you can say two natural Clefts on its surface. A Two Mukhi Rudraksha is considered to be one of the best and most powerful beads among all the different types of Rudraksha and it is also believed that they have many spiritual and health benefits which we are going to know about in this article.

A Do Mukhi Rudraksha helps you to balance your mind and body, enhance your intuition, promote and clarify your thoughts, and improve your concentration level. it is also believed that it helps you to reduce your stress and anxiety, promote emotional stability, and improve overall well-being.

Which Planet is Ruled By Do Mukhi Rudraksha

As The Two Mukhi Rudraksha Represents the Ardhanarishvara, which is a combined form of lord shiva and goddess Parvati, Hence the ruling planet for this bead is the moon which helps you to achieve the emotional stability, riches & joy.

What Is The Significance Of Two Mukhi Rudraksha?

As we all know that Do Mukhi Rudraksha has great significance in Hinduism because it is one of the most powerful types of Rudraksha beads so below you can find some of the main significance of do Mukhi Rudraksha: -

1. Connection With the Lord Shiva

As this bead is associated with Lord Shiva, Which is the supreme Hindu deity and revered as the destroyer of Evil and The Transformer of the universe so it's also believed that it is the symbol of his power and blessings.

2. Importance in Ayurveda

The Two Mukhi Rudraksha is one of the powerful herbs mentioned in the ayurvedic text because it's promotes healing and well-being and is believed to have various medicinal properties and used in Ayurveda for the treatment of various Ailments.

3. Have Some Spiritual Significance

It's believed that this Rudraksha is a powerful spiritual tool that helps the wearer achieve his spiritual growth and alignment and is also said to activate the third eye chakra to enhance spiritual awareness and interventions of the wearer.

4. Known As The Symbol Of Unity

It's believed that it represents the unity of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati and also it symbolizes the union of masculine and feminine energy leading to balance and harmony in life.

5. Have Some Significance In The Scriptures

This bead is mentioned in the various Hindu scriptures, even in a Shiva Purana and the Devi Bhagvata Purana because it believes that its have divine Origins and have been created by Lord Shiva himself

6. Have Protective Powers

The Do Mukhi Rudraksha protects the wearer from negative energies and evil forces and it is considered to be a powerful talisman that can be the shield for the wearer from negative thoughts, emotions and energies. so as you can read the above significance of Do Mukhi Rudraksha and you think that you want to purchase The Two Mukhi Rudraksha Then Ram Ram ji is one of the best places to order it because it's a very well know Store to get all types of Rudraksha and things related to astrology.

What Are the Benefits of Do Mukhi Rudraksha?

Below are the some benefits of Two Mukhi Rudraksha That You Have to Read out: -

1. It Helps You To Balance The Energy

It's believed that Do-Mukhi Rudraksha balances the energy within the body by Harmonizing the opposite forces, also we know that Lord Shiva has two types of energy one is a Destroyer and another is a creator so the Do-Mukhi Rudraksha also represents the dual nature of Lord Shiva.

2. It Helps You To Enhancing Your Intelligence

A Do Mukhi Rudraksha is associated with Lord Kartikeya and Lord Ganesha which represents wisdom and knowledge and its believed that the Two Mukhi Rudraksha helps you to enhance your Intelligence and mental clarity.

3. It Gives You A Spiritual Awareness

So this Rudraksha is associated with the Ajna Chakra which is located in the center of Our forehead and associated with Our intuition and spiritual insights so wearing the Two Mukhi Rudraksha, is believed that activates the Ajna chakra and enhance your spiritual awareness.

4. Do Mukhi Rudraksha Has Amazing Health Benefits

It's believed that 2 Mukhi Rudraksha has various health benefits like reducing stress and anxiety, promoting emotional stability, and improve concentration, and enhancing your overall well-being. So this is too many health benefits that you can get by wearing two Mukhi Rudraksha.

5. Helps You To Do Meditation And Yoga

As we know that this bead is a powerful tool for those people who are practicing meditation or yoga because it's believed that it promotes inner peace and tranquility and also enhanced the meditation experience and deepens your spiritual practice.

6. It Enhances Your Self-Confidence

It is said that Do Mukhi Rudraksha enhances self-confidence and self-esteem and it's believed that it helps the wearer to overcome self-doubt, fear and insecurity which leads to a more confident and positive outlook on life.

7. Maintain The Relationship Harmony

It's believed that Do Mukhi Rudraksha Enhances love and understanding in a relationship and it promotes harmony and Unity in romantic relationships, family relationships, friendships, and even business partnerships as well.

8. It Helps To Succeed In A Career

It's believed that two Mukhi Rudraksha enhance your career success and prosperity and it is said that it promotes leadership qualities, boosts confidence and creativity and also help the wearer to achieve their professional goals.

How To Identify The Genuine Two-Mukhi Rudraksha?

One of the tough tasks or you can say the daunting task is to identify genuine Do Mukhi Rudraksha because there are many fake Rudraksha available in the market. So below are some of the ways to identify a genuine Do Mukhi Rudraksha. You have to read it out which are: -

  1. First, check the shape and size of genuine Rudraksha have a uniform shape and size and it has two faces or you can say Mukhis will be symmetrically and have the round shape of a seed.
  2. The second one is to look at the natural hole because genuine beads have a natural hole that goes from one end to another, and it's a sign that it has not been tampered with.
  3. The third thing is you have to look for textures because genuine two Mukhi Rudraksha do have not any cracks or insects hall and they actually have a rough texture with clear and natural lines and ridges.

So above are the three things you can check out while purchasing the 2 Mukhi Rudraksha or after purchasing the two Mukhi Rudraksha if you think that you do not identify whether Rudraksha is genuine or not then you can seek professional help to identify the genuine ones and it's really Essentials to buy a genuine 2 Mukhi Rudraksha from a reliable source or you can say trusted sources to ensure all the effectiveness and benefits of two Mukhi Rudraksha.

The Best Healing Properties Of Two Mukhi Rudraksha

It is believed that Do Mukhi Rudraksha has various healing properties which can benefit the wearer in many ways below are some of the best healing properties of Do Mukhi Rudraksha which are: -

Physical Healing

It's believed that Do Mukhi Rudraksha have properties that help in the healing of physical elements like headaches, eye problems, Fever, skin disease, etc. and it's said that it has a positive impact on the circulatory and nervous system.

Help In The Emotional Healing

It also helps in emotional Healing by reducing your stress and anxiety, calming your mind, and promoting inner peace and also said that it helps to overcome negative emotions like anger and jealousy.

Spiritual Healing

So it's believed that two Mukhi Rudraksha have some strong special properties that help you by promoting spiritual growth, self-realization, and Awakening, and also said that it helps in connecting with the higher consciousness and improving your intuition.

Balancing Your Chakra

It has a balancing effect on all the seven Chakra in your body it helps to remove any blockage and promotes the free flow of energy in your chakra, so your Chakra will be balanced. so above are some of the best healing properties but it is important to note that some of the healing properties of the Two Mukhi Rudraksha are as subjective and vary from person to person so it is especially recommended to consult an experienced spiritual practitioner or a healer for proper guidance for how to use and get benefit from the Do Mukhi Rudraksha.

Mantra That Recited For Do Mukhi Rudraksha

Below is the "Do Mukhi Rudraksha Mantra" which the wearer recites while wearing or meditating with Do Mukhi Rudraksha : -


What Is The Correct Way To Wear A Do Mukhi Rudraksha?

If you want to get the maximum benefit of Do Mukhi Rudraksha Then you have to wear it in the correct way, and below are the steps that you can follow while wearing a Rudraksha: -

  1. First of all, Choose Original Do Mukhi Rudraksha which is suitable to your needs and requirements.
  2. The second thing is to clean the Rudraksha with water and dries it with the clean cloth.
  3. The third thing is that the wearer has to energize the Rudraksha by performing rituals and Prayers which are appropriate for your spiritual beliefs.
  4. The fourth is that the wearer has to choose a suitable Thread or We can say a chain, bracelet to wear the Rudraksha and it is also recommended to use a natural material like wool cotton or a Silk.
  5. Now in the fifth thing, you can wear the Rudraksha around your neck or wrist or as per your preferences.
  6. The sixth thing is you have to be worn on the right side of the body if you men and if you're a woman then you have to wear it on the left side of the body, it is also important to remember that the Rudraksha is clean and avoid exposing it to Harsh Chemicals like a perfume or moisturizers.
  7. The seven thing is you have to remember that always remove the Rudraksha while taking a bath or swimming.

So hope you understand that these are all the things you have to do to get amazing benefits from two Mukhi Rudraksha and it is a really correct way to wear a Rudraksha.

What Will Be The Good Time Or Ideal Time To Wear The Two Mukhi Rudraksha?

So it totally depends on your beliefs and traditions but below are some of the general guidelines that you can follow and wear the Two Mukhi Rudraksha: -

  • As we all know that Monday is the day of Lord Shiva so you can say that it will be considered the most auspicious day or the best day to wear Rudraksha.
  • The ideal time for wearing a Rudraksha is the Brahma muhurta which is the best time and the time of the day just before sunrise.
  • You can also wear it during another auspicious day like during an eclipse or during holy festivals.
  • You can also wear the Rudraksha on a day that is significant to you like a birthday or a special occasion.
  • Remember that it is not recommended to wear the Rudraksha during the Menstruation cycle or when engaging in any type of sexual activities.

So as above, we said that the ideal time and the day depend on individual beliefs and traditions. We recommend a concerned and experienced spiritual practitioner or a healer for proper guidance to wear the Two-Mukhi Rudraksha.

What Does The Wearer Of Do Mukhi Rudraksha Experience?

Since this kind of rudraksha houses both female and male energy, it is extremely beneficial for people experiencing problems in their married life. The Do Mukhi Rudraksha wearer experiences emotional stability, an increase in creativity along with physically strengthened muscles. Do Mukhi Rudraksha has also been recognised to cure problems pertaining to sexual health and has been known to eliminates infidelity.

Infact, astrologers greatly recommend this rudraksha for couples planning a family. Astrologically, this rudraksha has been directly ruled by the Moon. It promotes decision-making ability and provides great relief from stress and agony sourced from day-to-day events. Thus, it's favourable to people experiencing the negative effects of the Moon as per their birth-chart. Post-energising the rudraksha, it’s best to wear do-Mukhi Rudraksha on a Monday.

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